Currently, April 19


Watching: Nothing at all because Lee is on a business trip and I'm having a tv-free night. 

Reading: Wildflower by Drew Barrymore. 

Listening: To The Milk Carton Kids latest album and trying to decide whether or not to but tickets to see them when they come to town this summer. (Probably.) 

Wishing: A thousand and one wishes about all the different things. 

Wearing: Not my summer clothes but soon... 

Dreading: The chaos of having new windows installed later this week. 

Anticipating: Having new windows actually installed. (Hey, home ownership is like that.) 

Thanking: The looming window installation made us clean out the basement. You do not want to know how many empty boxes we were storing for absolutely no reason. As you can see above, Piper was being very helpful by being right in the way. 

Plotting: All of the things, most of which will never come to fruition. 

Pondering: Why is it is so darned hard to remember to do something three times a day than it is to do something twice a day? 

Craving: Reece peanut butter eggs. We're almost out. I'm rationing them. 

Making: Really awful watercolour drawings. 

Eating: Chrissy Teigen's vegetarian tortillas stew from Cravings. Easy and quick pantry meal. (Especially if you are too lazy to fry tortilla strips, though it must be said it's better with them.) 

Loving: Sunshine.