My Favourite Things: March 2015

Hey, remember when I used to do a monthly list of favourites? Those were good times. Let's try that again. 

My Favourite Things March 2015 | 

MinoSharp Water Sharpener We were at Grace in the Kitchen before Christmas and almost bought one after a long chat with their knife guy. I kept thinking about it, especially after cutting myself with my less than sharp knife shortly after that visit. I finally went back in early March and bought myself one. I took some time that day to sharpen all our knives and YOU GUYS. So much better. 

(If you are someone who is scared of sharp knives, don't be. You are less likely to hurt yourself with a sharp knife than a semi-sharp or downright dull one since sharp knives actually WORK.) 

Iron pills I'm not a medical professional and you should talk to your doctor before taking any medication. I started taking iron pills, with my doctor's approval, in early February. Iron pills aren't magical beans but darn it, they are close for me. I can DO THINGS again. And not be exhausted (most of the time). I am occasionally experiencing this thing that might be this "energy" thing I heard so much about but had forgotten what it felt like. It's really pretty fabulous, except on the days when I'm bone tired and begin to worry that I'll never have energy again. The mental game is still rough but worth it. 

Gnocchi Mac and Cheese We made this for the first time in January and then again in March and we cannot stop talking about it. It is perfection. It's soft and pillowy and you will kind of want to take a nap in it. It's also very rich so I strongly recommend serving it with something green and a bit bitter and/or acidic. 

Silhouette Cameo I have a love/hate with my Silhouette. I love it when it works and curse it when it is being temperamental and refusing to read the registration marks. I bought in January because I became one of those planner people who actually really like stickers. I'm not a no white space planner. I've tried and it's pretty and totally fun to do but not especially functional for me. I really like functional stickers but the Canadian dollar really tanked in the last year and buying all the stickers on Etsy got spendy pretty quickly. Not that buying a Cameo wasn't but over time it will balance out.

The best part is I can make stickers *I* need. Hello treadmills and water trackers and iron pill reminders. I like these functional-meets-decorative stickers because I can tell at a glance if I'm practicing good self-care. I can also make cute checklists for my to do lists that don't have hearts. People seem to love heart checklists and I'm really not a heart person. I'm all about the hexagons, it seems.

Making stickers has been a creative outlet as I figure out how to make my own stickers look the way I want them too. It's kinda like a puzzle but I have to "draw" all the pieces. It's been way more fun than it probably should be.

I've also become fascinated with the economics of Etsy sticker shops. And with watching YouTube Plan With Me videos. I find them soothing and destressing the same way I used to find the Food Network destressing... you know, back when people used to cook in non-competitive ways on that channel. 

The snow is melting. Enough said.