Thoughts While Doing Yoga


"Hmm I need a flow-y yoga. But not too flow-y because when I don't know the flow it's annoying. And not too much down dog but enough to test my new gloves. Oh! Found one. Thank you YouTube." 

"Mountain pose! I'm good at mountain pose." 

"Ugh. So many forward bends." 

"Down dog! Ohhhh these gloves help!" 

"Oh look. A dead fly on the flow. How very not zen." 

"Warrior pose! I LOVE WARRIOR POSE!" 

"Hmmm, my neighbours are outside. I wonder if they can see me." *considers waving and then suppresses the urge*

*looks up at ceiling* "I really, really hate that light fixture. We really need to change it." 

"Down dog. Warrior pose. Rinse. Repeat." 

"Ohhh my lower back likes this." 

"I'm really starting to hate warrior pose." 

"Maybe I should name the dead fly since I keep staring at it." 

"I can't face another downward dog. I'll just lie here on the matt for a minute." 

"Dear self, when you are done, clean your yoga mat." 



"Is it nap time now?"