Meal Plan Monday April 27

I've been struggling with meal planning lately. Oh, I've still be making them because I am totally lost when I don't. Lee was out of town for a week recently and I even planned breakfast and lunch in addition to dinner. (I don't always eat well on my own these days, it was a preventative measure.) I just feel like we keep eating the same things over and over again, which is kind of funny since we try at least one new recipe a week and usually more than that. 

I think that overall I have a case of the mehs. I think it's the weather. I'm just over being cold. I want to move forward in the warmth and sunshine and the weather isn't really cooperating with that, though I have high hopes for this week. 


Meal Plan Monday April 27

Meal Plan Monday April 27

Sunday: Lamb biryani. We had easter lamb in the freezer, which made this pretty easy. I cobbled it together but I mostly used this mutton dum biryani recipe as a guide. And my search for recipes got much easier when I remembered to search for mutton biryani instead of lamb biryani.  

Monday: Lee's favourite pasta sauce and rosemary pull apart bread.

Tuesday: Spicy shrimp and rice.

Wednesday:  Lime potato, corn, and black bean tortillas 

Thursday: I have absolutely no idea and I'm home alone that night. 

Friday: Bocconcini and prosciutto pizza with arugula (from Williams-Sonoma Pizza Night). I never thought I'd get Lee to eat arugula on top of a pizza but he picked this out. Yay!  

Saturday: Sambal chicken skewers and coconut noodles