I don't know how it happened but for me spring is Montreal. It's specifically my first spring at McGill. Despite the fact that January saw so much ice it closed down the city for over a week and people dealt with power outages for even longer, it was a beautiful spring. It came early and powerfully. It made me think that this is what all Montreal springs would be (that was a lie). Since then, there's been a moment each spring that makes me travel back in time. 

Spring is: 

  • Sitting on the Arts steps between classes to blow bubbles. 
  • Skipping Philosophy Ethics class to sit on the Stairs to Nowhere because hanging out with friends in the sunshine was more interesting than another euthanasia debate. 
  • Listening to David Usher's first solo album at night and watching him walk into the coffee shop where you are studying the next morning. 
  • Studying at a different 24-hour coffee shop at night while the staff played The Philosopher King's Famous, Rich, and Beautiful on repeat. 
  • It's the first day it's actually warm enough to wear a skirt, even though it actually isn't really warm enough to wear a skirt. 
  • It's the first spring walk on the mountain. 
  • It's the sound of tam-tams filtering in through your dorm window as you study on Sunday. 

Maybe at some point my spring will look different... But I kind of hope it doesn't.