Meal Plan Monday March 9

Do you ever do that thing where you have something simple on your to do list but you never really get around to it? It doesn't take long. It doesn't take much effort. You just don't DO it? If your answer is "all the time" you can sit beside me. 

Yesterday I finally got around to soaking the showerhead in vinegar. It's been on the bottom of my to do list for ages. I let it soak for more than 6 hours. And then I scrubbed it with a grout brush. You guys! YOU GUYS! It's like I have a whole new shower. After Lee's shower this morning I asked him how it was and he said it was like Montreal. (The shower in my last apartment in Montreal was practically a sandblaster.) I have to say I didn't quite find it to be at that level but it was pretty darned good. 

Note to self: Do the easy stuff on your to do list more often. 

On to the food! 


Sunday: Pork loin with wine and herb gravy. This was on the meal plan a few weeks back but we forgot to take the loin out of the freezer. Oops. 

Monday: Quick Thai basil beef and rice. Only we're using ground chicken because I'm all about using what's in the freezer this month. 

Tuesday: Portobello mushroom fajitas. It's supposed to be warm (6C! It's a heat wave!) so I'm making Lee grill. We've made these fajitas before and highly recommend them. 

Wednesday: Grilled steak. It's going to be almost as warm as Tuesday. 

Thursday: Sushi! 

Friday: Black Pepper Tofu from Plenty.

Saturday: Seafood chowder and biscuits. And blueberry crisp for dessert.