Meal Plan Monday March 2

We are having a great time in Toronto. We've had a bunch of delicious food. We saw lots of things. We walked. A lot. Now I remember why I never really thought much about exercising when I lived right in cities instead of suburbs. I never had a car when I lived in Toronto or Montreal, which meant I walked everywhere. So. Much. Walking. I like walking, but I've been sitting on my butt all winter and now my feet are ANGRY at me and I have shin splints. It's the curse of the lazy.

Our meal plan is pretty loosey-goosey this week. It's really hard to think about a meal plan when you are sitting in a hotel room. 


Sunday: Pizza! We're the people who class up the joint in hotels by bringing take-out back to our room. Our room has a mini-fridge so we've filled it with drinks. There's a grocery store next door so we bought croissants for breakfast. Nom. 

Monday: We're meeting a friend for dinner at the Museum Tavern. Mmmmm. 

Tuesday: We're going to grab something on the way home. It might be take-out. Or we might just pop into the grocery store quickly and grab a rotisserie chicken and some sides. 

Wednesday: Sloppy joes. 

Thursday: Baked potato and sloppy joe leftovers. 

Friday: It's a ballet night so dinner needs to be easy. I'm thinking something like these spicy ramen noodles might be a good choice. 

Saturday: Spicy lemon chicken wraps.