Meal Plan Monday February 9

I have a busy week this week so of course all I want to do is cook all the things. But that's not going to happen. We've been here before. It's all about making things easy! Or at least, that's the plan. Maybe. We hope. It's a great theory. 

Sunday: Shrimp tacos. I mashed together Skinnytaste's cilantro lime shrimp (cut back on the garlic, added chipotle) and the roasted jalapeno creme from Closet Cooking's cilantro lime shrimp tacos

Monday: Mushroom and lentil ragu, which we're pulling from the freezer. 

Tuesday: Meatloaf, which will make Lee very, very happy. I'm going to do a tweak of Ina Garten's recipe

Wednesday: Hoisin pork with rice noodles, which is a house favourite. 

Thursday: Leftovers. Hopefully hoisin pork leftovers. 

Friday: Chipotle salsa baked chicken from Simply Recipes. It's one of our favourite things to make when we have guests so we decided to treat ourselves. (I know. No pizza Friday. It's craziness.) 

Saturday: Franks and beans from Dinner: A Love Story. But we make it in the crockpot and put in more franks.