Friday Links February 6

This has been a week of shovelling out. For Lee it meant actual shovelling as we got snow. For me it meant shovelling out from under everything I needed to catch up on after vacation. Starting the work week on Wednesday is super confusing and I don't really understand how it's already Friday. I'm behind in everything but here are a few things that caught my attention this week.

"One Tweet Perfectly Destroys This Newspaper's Sexist Obituary of a Beloved Female Author," from Identities.Mic. "[...]McCullough's obituary reveals the sad truth about the state of the female artist: No matter how much she achieves, people are only going to talk about her beauty and body size." 

"Why the Internet Needs More Running Selfies," from Gross Gets Fit. Please, please post your running selfies. And your yoga and crossfit and walk and all the activity selfies. Your selfies inspire me to get off my lazy butt. And please, please post them of your "bad" days. The runs where you overheat and bonk. Because I overheat and bonk and I need to know I'm not alone. 

"Inhale," from Refashionista. "In the last few days before a birth it feels as though the world is holding its breath. Everything around me is muted, like a city sleeping under a heavy snowfall, like 3am — the sounds and colours and movement are there, but slowed, quieted, muffled." #babythelast has not yet arrived but you can follow the hashtag on Twitter. 

"What if I Can't?" from Write Home Sometime. "I think I’ll write my can’ts down like a to-do list and give each of them an hour through the day. I’m aware that on some level I’m grieving — ridiculous but true — and the only thing that ever got me through grief was getting things done." We all have days when the voice that says "I can't" is louder and stronger than the "I can" voice. 

"9 Things I Learned From No-Buy January," from The Financial Diet. I've never been able to do a no-buy thing. It makes my head explode. I have totally cut back on buying things but I also have lists of things I need. I cut back on shopping last month and hadn't really planned to buy much and then I found a sale on window treatments. We finally have proper drapes for the dining room and blackout/thermal curtains for the office which is a HUGE win. It only took 4.5 years of living in the house for me to buy them. ;)