Friday Links February 27

Yay! It's Friday! I love Friday! We're hopping on a train and heading to Toronto. We'll be seeing the fabulous Angela Lansbury on stage in Blithe Spirits. It should be fantastic. 

"How to Create a Custom Colour Palette in PicMonkey," from Creative Cain Cabin. I'm not really sure why I love this so much. I'll likely never make a colour palette ever. But I love it SO HARD. 

"How I Went From Hating Selfies to Loving Them," from TawnyaFaust on BlogHer. I have always firmly been #TeamSelfie. Heck, in 2014 when Selfie was the word of the year we sent a selfie magnet out in our Christmas cards. If it wasn't for selfies you'd rarely see my face and in over 10 years of blogging I've had exactly one profile photo that was not a selfie. SELFIES FOREVER. 

"No Boys Allowed," from Shannon Hale. This post makes me steam. I'm so sick of how boys are taught by society that women's stories don't matter to them and they don't need to be interested in them. But girls are expected to always care about boys stories. It's bullshit. It's long past time we as a society got a damned clue and started valuing women's stories. 

"27 Charts That Will Help You Make Sense of Makeup," from Buzzfeed. I rarely wear makeup these days and I think I might actually be getting worse at it. Maybe someday I'll master eyeliner.