Meal Plan Monday February 23

Today has felt like the Mondayish of Mondays. I'm extra happy we are keeping things pretty simple this week. 


Sunday: Leftovers. Meatball sub for Lee, spaghetti and meatballs for me.  

Monday: Coconut curry lentils with rice and whatever vegetables I can find in the fridge. 

Tuesday: Apricot-mustard baked chicken drumsticks and roasted root vegetables. 

Wednesday: Pork chops (I can't decide between the balsamic-maple glaze or the sweet and sour glaze) and something sweet potato-y. 

Thursday: Schnitzel (Freezer! Just reheat and serve) and potatoes. 

Friday: We're travelling. Dinner out. Something vegetarian.  

Saturday: Still travelling and we have theatre tickets. Dinner location will depend on weather and how far I'm willing to walk in theatre clothes.