Friday Links February 20

I am having one of those Fridays that doesn't really feel like a Friday. It feels most Tuesdayish. Do you ever have those? I think that will make the weekend feel all the better. It will be like bonus weekend! 

"10 Tips for Cooking For One," from Gimme Some Oven. I cooked for one for close to a decade and I can be a bit opinionated about cooking for one posts. I feel like many of them either treat solo cooks as mythical unicorns or infantilizes them. Ali's post doesn't do that. It's pretty solid. 

"The Best Cheapest Cloth Napkins," from Food in Jars  We use cloth napkins for most meals, basically anything that is not horribly messy. (Chicken wings? Sorry, paper napkins for those.) I like this idea for inexpensive cloth napkins. 

"20 Simple Ways to Beat the Winter Doldrums," from She Wears Many Hats  Amy's #4 made me laugh. I haven't though of doing that. I've been dealing fairly well with the whole winter thing (a week in Mexico will do that) but even I am pretty fed up with the extreme cold warning we've been under. 

"If Friends Had Been Set in 2015," from Buzzfeed. I'd so watch this. I'm laughing just thinking about Joey on Tinder. 

"How to Build an Awesome Online Community (and Why It's So Important)," from BlogHer. I wrote this. I believe in the power of online communities. Thank you for being part of mine.