Things I Learned on My Solo Vacation

I've been home from Mexico for two weeks. I miss sunshine. I miss being warm. It was the first time I've taken a vacation alone and I learned a few things. 

Volumizing conditioner is always a very bad idea. I mean, I know this. But when that's the full travel-sized container you find in the bin in your closet, that's what you pack. And if you are me, you shouldn't because my hair so does not need volume. Especially in humid climates. There was a reason my hair was pulled back into braids and buns every night for dinner. 

It's good for me to do things on my own. I don't go out and do things alone a lot these days. I spend so much time alone during the work week (one of the pitfalls of working at home) that I really have little interest in going out and doing more things alone. I should do it more because it's important for me to remember that I can.

Do scary things. I signed up for an excursion that I knew would involve doing things that would be challenging. Rappelling 25 metres into a cenote and climbing up a whole bunch of stairs to the top of a Mayan acropolis? Not necessarily great choices for someone who gets vertigo. Heights don't scare me but the vertigo messes me up and makes me feel off-balance and that scares me and is not how one likes to feel when on top of heights that have iffy safety. I'm glad I climbed that acropolis. I loved rappelling and had we been allowed to do it more than once I totally would have. Rappelling is FUN. [Lee took one look at the photo of me rappelling and said "NOPE!"]

A week can feel like a long time, especially when your phone bricks. A week by yourself can feel like a long time. I do not have a bubbly outgoing personally. You know those people who make friends wherever their go? I'm not one of those people. I'm pretty introverted. Aside from during my one excursion, pretty much the only people I spoke to were staff. It was kind of lonely. It got even more lonely after my phone bricked and I couldn't call or FaceTime with Lee. 

I should have a backup plan for when my phone bricks. Lee knew I was having trouble with my phone. I assumed that when I stopped checking in he would realize that my phone died. The logical side of him did. The panicked "OMG SOMETHING HAPPENED AND I CAN'T FIX IT!" side of him was freaking out and didn't stop until I walked out of Customs at the airport. Lesson learned. 

I don't have a good answer when asked, "What do you do?" That seems silly but trying to explain community management to people who don't really understand internet communities is hard. (There are always follow up questions. Always.) To this day my own mother doesn't understand what I do. I used to default to saying I was a writer but writing takes up less of my time than it used to and it feels wrong now. 

I am a much better person in the winter when I've actually been warm for awhile. I am cold. All the time. Always. Yes, even in Mexico I had to ask for extra blankets for my bed. It's been cold since I got back to Ottawa. Like -40C windchill cold. I spent a week in the sunshine. I got freckled, but not sunburned. I was warm. I am not bemoaning the cold and having mood meltdowns. Being warm is the best.