Meal Plan Monday February 16

Can we talk about Lent for a minute? Lent changes our meal plans.

We didn't observe Lent when I was growing up but Lee does. During Lent we say goodbye to Friday night pizza night (mostly) and switch from aiming to have one meatless meal any day of the week, to needing to eat meatless meals on Friday often in addition to the other meatless meal we're aiming for. The first year we did this I was surprised by how hard I found the switch. 

Why is it so hard? I mean, we aim for at least one meatless meal a week. Adding a second on Friday night shouldn't be hard! It's hard because we can't be lazy and just order in pizza. When Friday hits we’re tired and pizza was easy because it was automatic. We have ordered the occasional vegetarian pizza (and discovered a truly awesome spicy veg pizza from a local chain, which then led to us discovering I can’t eat it when my lips are chapped because the capsaicin made my lips blow up like I had gotten botched collagen injections) but we veered away from pizza for the most part. 

We have to push out of out take-out lazy rut and it is mostly good. We found some great meals in the past, like a sweet potato black bean burger that I now make in batches and freeze for lunches. (Though making them on a Friday night when I’m tired was a huge pain in the butt that first time.) 

I’ve think planned better this year. I pulled a bunch of vegetarian recipes from my Pinterest boards and I’ll be dug into Plenty. Maybe I’ll even pull out Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. I’ve got this. I hope. 


Sunday: Cod roasted in a cilantro-soy-ginger sauce, jasmine rice, and snap pea salad. (We're on a snap pea kick right now.)  

Monday: Osso bucco and polenta OR risotto Milanese. I haven't decided yet. 

Tuesday: It's Pancake Day! We're having lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce. And sausages 

Wednesday: Spicy bean burritos and quinoa/rice blend. 

Thursday: Burrito bowls with Wednesday's leftovers.

Friday: Sweet potato cakes (from Plenty) and arugula salad. 

Saturday: Pork loin with wine and herb gravy and mashed potatoes. Probably. Saturdays are prone to change.