Friday Links February 13

It's been a busy week. Busy, busy, busy. I still found time to read lots of great stuff on the internet this week.

"7 Women in the Book Industry Who are Encouraging Diversity," from Quill and Quire. Yes! #WeNeedDiverseBooks.

"My Addiction to Exercise Permanently Damaged My Body," from The Greatist. I've always had trouble finding that line between pushing myself and hurting myself, which means I tend not to push myself at physical challenges. It can be good to push yourself but it's also really easy to push yourself too far. 

"The 8 Running Hacks of Smart Runners," from Rock Creek Runner. I am giving #5 some serious side eye. 

"No Jeans Challenge," from Say Yes. Hahaha. Not happening in winter. I work from home and every day I don't spend working in my pajamas is a winner. 

"Student Loans Might Be Driving You Crazy According to Science," from The Mary Sue. It's not surprising, because debt = stress but I find really interesting. (The comments are heartbreaking.)  I had above average student loans for an undergraduate degree by Canadian standards and I was thrilled when I made my final payment. I had some tough years during the payment phase, but my student years were pretty tough and financially stressful as well. I think I dealt with it pretty well... most of the time. 

"Mental Burnout: The Running Injury No One Talks About," from Now Get Outside  "And if there are any lessons to be learned about going from 50K to the couch to 5K, it’s that each step matters. And sometimes the steps that matter most are the ones you shouldn’t take.