My 4 Favourite Lush Products

My friend Tarrant's youngest daughter just got a part-time job at Lush, which launched a discussion about what products they should try. I generally pop into Lush a few times a year to stock up on products. During the fall and winter I buy a lot products to help combat dry skin because winter is brutal. 

In every trip to Lush a little bit of impulse shopping happens. In my case that's usually seasonal times (mmm... Santa Baby lip scrub). But here are the four Lush products I try to have on hand at all times. 

My 4 Favourite Lush Products |

1. Soak and Float shampoo. I've written about this shampoo and how it saved my scalp before. (Fun fact: That's the most popular post on my blog.) As I noted in that post, Soak and Float does have a strong smell though I have to say I rarely notice it anymore. Even if I did, it's worth it to be done with having an itchy, flaky scalp. It's been about three years now and I don't plan on giving it up any time soon. Bonus? It's a bar shampoo so you can totally take it in your carry-on easily. 

2. Lemony Flutter cuticle cream. I always get the name of this product wrong. In my head it's called "Lemon Fluffer," possibly because "Fluffer" is one the cat's many nicknames. I keep a small container of this on my desk and tend to put it on while I'm on conference calls. I know some people swear by almond or other oils for cuticle moisturizing but unfortunately my cat thinks those things are DELICIOUS. Like most cats, she is anti-citrus so this cuticle cream works on multiple levels.

3. Dream Cream. Dream Cream is my is go-to moisturizer for most of the year. (I need something a bit heavier in the midst of winter when I seem to become part-lizard.) Aside from being a great moisturizer for me, I find it also helps clear up mild eczema flares and soothes itchy spots of skin. Note: I haven't tried the self-preserving Dream Cream. Based on the reviews I've read it has a different scent so that might work for you or might not.  

4. Butterball bath bombs. I love taking baths (and reading books in baths but I have rules about that.) Put in a few rough workouts? Epsom salt bath. Feeling decadent? Bubble bath. The problem I have with baths during the winter is I find they can make my skin dry and itchy. (Sensing a theme to this post?) A few years ago I was at local Lush and bought a couple of Butterball bath bombs on a whim. I'm not going to lie—I bought these particular bath bombs because they were cheaper than the other bath bombs. That turned out be awesome because I love them. They are very moisturizing and during the really cold, dry snaps of winter weather I'll toss one of these in a tub and treat myself to a nice long soak. It gets bonus points for not having flower petals or glitter in it either. (Don't get me wrong, I love glitter. GLITTER ALL THE THINGS... except bathtubs. Cleaning glitter out of the bathtub is less than relaxing.) Holiday tip: These make excellent stocking stuffers. 

What are your favourite Lush products? Is there something I really need to try?