Sassymonkey Reads: October 2015

October was a weird month. It seemed really long. I'm guess that's because we didn't have a fully functioning main bathroom and shower for ten days. I'll write about that eventually. Maybe. Best intentions and all that. This is what I read during the chaos that was October. 

Sassymonkey Reads: October 2015

Allen Klein: The Man Who Bailed Out the Beatles, Made the Stones, and Transformed Rock & Roll by Fred Goodman. So I do this thing where I go through the on order and newly arrived non-fiction on the library website and just request anything that looks interesting because our library doesn't have a limit on holds. (I love my library.) There's always a few books I reserve for Lee because I like to surprise him. This one one of them. 

Lee: "This book is awesome. You need to read it. I love it!" *finishes book and hand it to me*

Me: *Reads book. Waits for it to get awesome. Finishes book.* "Exactly which part of this book was awesome and not boring?"

Apparently you need to be a bigger Beatles and Stones fan that I am to care about Klein. And I really rather like the Beatles and the Stones.

To Catch a Russian Spy: The True Story of an American Civilian Turned Double Agent by Naveed Jamali. It's easy to sum up this book. It's one big humble brag. An anti-climactic humble brag at that. Apparently they might be making it into a movie and I have a feeling they'll be rewriting the ending. *yawn* 

The Silence that Speaks by Andrea Kane. Lee laughed at me the entire time I was reading this because I only seem to be able to find the large print versions of Kane's books in our library system. Yes, I will totally read these in large print. They are fun thrillers and I really like the characters. I need more fun thriller-y fiction in my life. 

Open Heart, Open Mind by Clara Hughes. I love Clara Hughes and I respect her so much for showing her brokeness in this memoir. I am really, really tempted to buy it for a friend but I'm not sure "Here, have a book about brokeness and depression and athletic endurance!" really screams, "Merry Christmas!" I mean, it totally can but I'm not sure that's what I want to say this Christmas to that person.