Sassymonkey's September Favourites

I, for one, was not sad to see September go. It felt like a really, really long month and it was totally not my favourite. That doesn't mean I disliked everything about it. Here are some things I liked in September. 

Coffee and tomatoes on the deck

Coffee and tomatoes on the deck

1. Podcasts: I made a big effort to walk more in September. I've been aiming for 5k three times a week. Sometimes I hit it. Sometimes I don't. During my walks I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. I haven't found any I totally love but I'm picking episodes from a bunch of different ones, downloading them, and listening to them as I walk. I prefer podcasts that are at least an hour long because I know I'm not going to run out in the last few minutes of my walk. (That's just annoying.) 

2. Food Mill: A food mill has been on my to buy list for a few years and quickly became a must-have early in September when I found myself unable to resist buying half bushels of Roma tomatoes. Seriously, I was getting half bushels for $6.99. I can't turn that down! I can, and have, made tomato sauce using a fine mesh strainer but the food mill made everything so much easier. I bought this OXO Food Mill and I'm really happy with it.  I also have omg all the jars of tomato sauce. 

3. Bullet-Style Journalling (kinda): So, I am still loving my Get To Work Book. As long as I remember to put all my to do items in it, I do a great job of knocking them out. But I was struggling to effectively use the project pages. (You can kind of see them on Elise's blog.) I rarely have projects big enough for a whole page in the notebook and they were befuddling me, especially since there are three big project pages per month. Then I remembered bullet journalling and decided to do a modified version of that. I split the page into quadrants. Problem solved. I started this last month and now have October all set up and I'm really, really happy I figured out how to make those pages work for me. 

4. Apple Orchards with Cider Doughnuts: I am not a huge doughnut fan. You can keep your Tim Horton's and Krispy Kremes. But give me a doughnut fresh out of the fryer? Yes, please! They remind me of my grandfather because his doughnuts were the best and a rare treat. Fresh apple cider doughnuts are possibly my favourite, though I'm going be a bad Canadian and say the ones from the apple orchard in Vermont are better than any I've had in Canada.