Make. Do. Play.

"I don't resolutions." That's what I said when I saw people posting their resolutions.

"I don't choose words." That's what I said when I saw people posting their word(s) for 2015.

Both statements are mostly true. I've tried resolutions. I've tried choosing a word. Neither has worked very well for me in the past. I just wasn't feeling any of it.

I thought a lot about 2014. I lost my way midway through the year and it's easier to remember that than many of the good things that happened. But looking back -- at the good and bad -- made me want to look forward.

Looking forward is hard. 2015, perhaps more than most recent years, feels like it's going to be a year of change. It feels like I'm looking out over a sea of uncertainties. I choose to believe any changes on the horizon are as likely to be good as not.

I didn't want to make a resolution. I didn't want to choose words. But three words kept floating through my head.

Make. Do. Play.

Make. Do. Play. |

I want to make things in 2015. Yes, physical things like knitted socks and shawls. I want to work with my hands. But I also want to make plans while knowing that circumstances can change those plans. I want to make lists and check things off.

I want to do things in 2015. We talk about doing things all the time but often those things do not become actions. I make lists but nothing will get crossed off unless I do it. I want stop thinking about all the things I want to do at some point in the foggy future and start doing some of them. Heck, even one of them.

I want to play. Play is something that gets left behind so often in our adult lives. Lee and I went on real vacations last year. While we travel a lot, over the past five or six years most of that travel has been tied to business travel. We have a day or two of fun but we're always connected. We disconnected last year and it was exactly what we needed. We may not get to do that this year but it taught us how to play again and, more importantly, why play is important. That's big play but I also want to do game nights and take out my colouring books and play with my chalkboard wall. Play is important.

That's what I want to do in 2015. Make. Do. Play.