Meal Plan Monday January 19

Our oven is broken. Well, to be specific the bottom element in our oven died. The good news is we knew it was dying and had already order a new one. The bad news is that it hasn't arrived yet. This put a damper on some of our meal plans. Our new oven element is slowly making its way to our home but we have no idea when it will be here.

Meal Plan Monday January 19 |

It seems a dead oven element killed my ability to plan. We vaguely know what we are eating this week. Kind of. Maybe.

Sunday: Beef stirfry.

Monday: Chicken thighs. No idea how I'm cooking them. I have bacon in the fridge so it's likely there will be bacon involved. And probably sautéed spinach.

Tuesday: Pork chops. Again, no idea how we are cooking them or what we are eating with them.

Wednesday: Pasta.

Thursday: I'm hoping for pasta leftovers.

Friday: Pizza. I'm hoping for homemade because that would mean the oven is fixed. If not, take out.

Saturday: To be determined. It will be our last dinner together for ten whole days. That's kind of blowing my mind. More on that later.