Dominion City Brewing Company

I didn't used to drink beer. If that statement fills you with confusion, I completely understand. I'm a bit confused by it myself. I eventually smarted up and grew into someone who enjoys beer. I drink good beers and so-called bad beers. I'm not really all that fussy, though I do draw the line at light beer. (There's just no good reason for that.)

I really like to support local businesses and especially local food providers. I think getting to know your local food providers is just smart. Those are people you want to be friends with when the zombie apocalypse happens. We're friendly with some local farmers but we didn't really know any local brewers. Enter the Dominion City Beer Company.

Last night Lee and I went to the pre-launch of Dominion City at Brothers Beer Bistro. It was a chance to try out their beer before they open the brewery to the public this weekend. (Convenient for us since we'll be on vacation when they open.)

Dominon City Brewing Company Earl Grey Marmalade Saison |

The beer I was most interested in trying, and so were many other people based on how many people I saw walking around with a glass of it, was the Earl Grey Marmalade Saison, or just Marmalade for short. It's a Belgium-style beer that is brewed with zested oranges and organic Earl Grey tea. I love the idea of using tea in beer but I also also a bit wary. I've tried other brands of beer that have used tea in them and I just didn't care for them. I was really happy (relieved?) that I liked Marmalade. It was citrusy with a hint of bergamot and a teeny bit bitter. This is a beer you will share with friends and they will say they didn't know beer could taste this way.

Dominon City Brewing Company Two Flags IPA |

I really like IPA. There was a limited quantity of Two Flags IPA last night but I was lucky to score a glass. It was hoppy and a bit bitter but not overly bitter the way some can be. When I talked to Josh McJannett, he said when they had a beer and food pairing for friends and family they paired their IPA with Indian food. That made me want Indian food immediately (as is often the case when it is mentioned) but the Two Flags IPA really would go very well with some chana. And some lamb rogan josh. And samosas. Or maybe some chaat.

Dominon City Brewing Company Town and Country Blonde Ale |

I believe due to our long winters, we especially appreciate a good patio here in Ottawa. Whether it's the patio at a pub or your friend's backyard, there's just something about kicking back with a cold beer on a hot summer day. Dominion's Town & Country blonde ale is a perfect patio beer. And I'm just saying that because they served it in mason jars. It's fresh with a hint of sweetness that, to me at least, tasted a bit butterscotchy. Lee said is smells the way beer should smell.

We'll be on vacation when Dominion City opens to the public this weekend, but we plan to get there to pick up some growlers before Labour Day so we can have a tasting for our friends. And maybe a extra of the IPA so I have an excuse to make all the Indian food.

Thanks to Dominion City Beer Company for extending an invitation to their pre-lauch tasting. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions contained within are my own. I just like beer, y'all. And Indian food. Apparently.