Running Is Complicated

Running is Complicated |


I thought I'd have the nuts and bolts of running figured out by now. I've been running (at least in the spring/summer/early fall) months for several years now. While the actual running has gotten easier (thank goodness!) it still continues to befuddle me sometimes. 

Among the things I should have figured out by now is fueling. I hate thinking of food as fuel in general but when it comes to running, it is. Yet this is one of the things I struggle with the most with running. (The thing I struggle with the most is probably motivation but that's a whole other story.) I know when I have enough energy to run. I don't run when I know I don't have enough gas in the tank for a good run. It's the after run energy crashes that are bumming me out. I don't have time in my day to run AND have a nap. 

I'll figure this out. Eventually. In the meantime, can someone teach me how to have a 20 minute catnap instead of my standard 3 hour nap? That would be most helpful.