Friday Links August 1

I had thought that I was going to use many of these links in a post but I found I didn't have it in me to write it. There are heavy, thinky thoughts swirling in my head about the content in some of these links. We have come so far in many ways, but the road ahead of us is long. Right now, I'm listening and thinking

  • No Skin Thick Enough: The Daily Harassment of Women in the Game Industry "Growing a thicker skin isn't the answer, nor is it a proper response." These is no skin thick enough nor should there need to be. No one should have to endure this. No one. 
  • What It's Really Like To Be a Woman on YouTube I think it’s really hard when talking to male content creators to get across what’s different between troll comments and really pointed, sexual based comments." 
  • Becasue I Didn't Do Enough “Do you want to go on a sex date with me?” If you read the previous two links, you may have fallen into thinking that shit only happens in male-dominated environments. Read this account of one woman's experience at Romance Writers of America. I understand her reaction. I'm far more likely to brush stuff off it happens to me. But if it happens to a woman alone in my sight or a friend? Nope. Just nope. 
  • That Time My Giant Head was on The View "Main point: sexism in the tech-sector (and pretty much all other facets of life) exists, no matter how many times you try and wave a giant foam finger to the contrary." No matter where you are, someone is listening. When you share your opinions in public, expect someone to be listening.  
  • How to Stop Overthinking Everything "Sometimes, we overthink because we can. We'll get caught in a loop where we're recreating an event over and over, or attempting to analyze an idea from every perspective imaginable." I never do this... especially not at 2am. <-- Lies. 
  • 'Like Seeing a Ghost': Wasted, 15 Years Later "Hope is an ingredient. Hope is water, you've got to have it, it’s necessary to health, but if you try to live on it, you’re screwed." 
  • The Demise of the Pen "The pen is dead. It was murdered by the finger." I do not understand this. At all. I need all the pens. If you don't want yours you can send them to me. PENS.