Friday Links July 4

I am so happy it's Friday. Wait, it is Friday right? Canada Day fell on a Tuesday and I took it off and I've been confused as heck about what day it is all week. Tuesdays off work are really confusing. 

Friday Links: July 4

  • Working out isn't enough: Advice for Desk Workers I've been trying to take short breaks to walk around more often but it's surprisingly difficult. Granted I've also been exceptionally lazy this week about exercising (well, minus that 5k on Canada Day) because I've been all the tired. 
  • What to bring to a Vacation Rental Kitchen  I've been very tempted to bring a chef's knife but I'm always worried about forgetting it. Plus it's vacation. We make do with what's provided. Because we drive, we do totally bring a box filled with things like olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pasta, rice, our favourite spices/spice blends, etc. We have a stockpile of these things. It doesn't make sense to spend a lot of money buying small sizes when we get to our location. Last year we also brought homemade pancake mix and granola. Oh! I should make granola this weekend. 
  • How to Make 10% Better Decisions I think I like this. I think I like this a lot. I think many of us tend to think we have to make big changes and we need to do them NOW. But small change is good. Small incremental changes can have big results. What if instead of focusing on how I don't eat enough servings of fruit every day, I focus for having a piece with breakfast? That's 10% better than I've been doing. That do to list that never gets finished? What if I focus on just getting one more item crossed off? 10% improvement is much, much better than not doing anything at all becasue it seems like too much or too hard. 
  • Stop Explaining, Justifying -- Live Free Own your priorities. Not apologizing doesn't mean you are being an ass about things. (Well, unless you are. But I bet you are not.) Be you. Set your priorities. Own them. No apologies. 
  • Why Working Harder Doesn't Always Work We need downtime. We need to recharge. Ever notice that when you really need a break and you push through to finish that item on your to do list, it takes you twice as long than if you had taken the break and then finished the task? 
  • Trust Your Training Yes. Just yes. 
  • What Keeps You Up At Night?  Do you have "bedtime procrastination"? Sometimes I do but I really love sleep. And my bed. And my pillow. Though we don't have a set time we like to go to bed. Maybe we should? 
  • 20 Things I've Learned About Being a Grown Up Maturity is measured by how well you handle all the shit life has to throw at you. *nods*