Friday Links May 30

This week has been long. LONG, LONG, OMG SO LONG. Here! Have some links. Some of them are long. 

  • Familiar Photos Taken from a Different Angle. Huh. I don't remember there being a McDonald's across from the Pantheon. I know there was one by Trevi Fountain because we got lost and only found Trevi by following the McDonald's sign. (Sad but true.) When I got back home I had and awesome conversation about Rome with my doorman because he lived near Trevi. And thank goodness the Mona Lisa wasn't that crowded when we were there. 
  • Summer Reading List for Tweens. I actually like this list quite a bit. I don't get to say that a lot. I just added The Expeditioners to my library list. 
  • Two Lists. I like her second list a lot. I wonder if that kind of double list could work with bullet journaling. I need to think about this. 
  • Mobile Apps to Reduce Stress and Anxiety. I've had Waze on my phone for ages, ever since Jenna first mentioned it to me. I rarely use it because I work from home but I pulled it out on the way back from our recent trip to Quebec City. Lee was super impressed with it. He was less impressed that the construction zone we hit, which is what caused me to open the app, caused us to miss the library by 4 minutes. 
  • Why UPS trucks don't turn left. Huh! 
  • Your Local Brick & Mortar Bookstore is a Privilege. My hometown does not have a bookstore and did not at any point when I lived there. (There was a secondhand bookstore for a brief period of time after I moved away.) I used to live near an indie and shopped there for a bit before I decided that I was tired of being served by snobby a-holes. My local brick and mortar is chain that shop at semi-regularly (I don't buy books very often these days) and I am more likely to shop there than any other store or their online website currently because I'd rather have a chain bookstore locally than none at all. 
  • Reflections in Bus Windows. This almost makes me miss taking the bus. Almost.