I Love Friday (Links): May 16

I read a lot of things on the Internet every week. So much stuff. Sometimes I share them.  

  • The Slow Death of the Microwave. We haven't owned one since April 2010. We really don't miss it. (Ok. Sometimes it would be nice to have for tempering chocolate.) Our old one died and I stole the counter real estate for my stand-mixer. 
  • It's Not You, it's the Clothes. LOVE. THIS. POST. There's nothing wrong with your body. Sometimes clothes are just assholes. 
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter. When your child is just like you, sometimes that means the they will stuggle with the same things you do. 
  • No-Sew Elsa Cape. Everyone needs one of these. Including me. OMG. 
  • Service 101: Being the Unseen. "Just do the good work and forget about the rest. You will always be seen." While I don't really work in service, I need this reminder. Do good work. The rest doesn't matter so much.  
  • 15 Things I've Learned About Blogging Over 15 Years of Blogging. Good lessons. Andrea is smart. 
  • There is No 'Should' in Running. I will likely never run a marathon. I'll probably never run a half-marathon. I have no desire to do the training required. I like to run because it feels good to move and it's good for my mental health. And I don't mind... except when I'm told I'll never be a "real" runner beause of it. 
  • Curbing Online Harrassement Isn't Impossible. Here's How We Start. "Wishing rape or other violence on women or using derogatory slurs, even as “jokes,” would never fly in most workplaces or communities, and those who engaged in such vitriol would be reprimanded or asked to leave. Why shouldn’t that be the response in our online lives?"