Meal Plan March 31

For the second week in a row, we had just tucked ourselves into bed Sunday night and were almost sleep when the phone rang. Whenever someone calls the home phone (yes, we still have a landline) after 9pm we tend to assume it's not good news. I had already received that particular kind of phone call this weekend -- twice -- and I held my breath as Lee answered the phone. It beeped. And beeped. Just like it did last week. We have no idea who/what is calling because it's a blocked number but I'm hoping this doesn't become a regular Sunday night thing.

Of course this happened right after someone had stopped to grab their mail. The community mailboxes are across the street from us. Dear people, please turn down your stereo while you sit there with the car door open. If I can hear it my bedroom at the back of the house, it's too loud.

I'm also too lazy to make an image for this post this week. Maybe next week. Or tomorrow. Or never.

Monday: Donairs

Tuesday: Spaghetti all'Amatriciana

Wednesday: Sweet and spicy pork tenderloin adapted for pork chops

Thursday: Soup

Friday: Roasted sweet potato black bean burgers with smoked paprika and chipotle sauce and spicy sweet potato fries.

Saturday: Fondue night

Sunday: Rootbeer pulled pork.