Meal Plan Monday March 3

Over the weekend Environment Canada informed us that the National Capital Region can expect below normal temperatures over the next three months. I'm not gonna lie -- that made me want to cry into my Monday morning coffee. I've been trying to have a Positive! Attitude! about this whole colder than average winter (in fact, the coldest winter this area has had in the past 20 years), because I got to escape for a week and plant my arse down a sunny and warm beach.

[I'm going to file our decision to finally take a trip someplace warm in winter as officially the best decision we've made in 2014.]

I can't say it's been the worst winter I've had in Ottawa. I've been hunkering down and pretty much refusing to go outside so it's been pretty bearable though I'm starting to get some serious cabin fever. The worst winter here was probably my first winter. It was the year of the bus strike and the year I managed to get frostbite on my ear walking to work during the bus strike. While wearing a hat. With earflaps. I've decided I'm just going to pretend that spring is here. I put out a very springish wreath. I'm making plans to start running outside again -- not fast or very far and with lots and lots of walking breaks but still... running! Outside! Winter, quite simply, can suck it.

Our meals are still very winter-themed though. I'm dreaming of spring barbecues but I'm not quite ready to man the grill in the evenings and if I don't wanna do it, I don't want to send Lee out to do it either. I'm nice that way.

Meal Plan March 3 |

Monday: Chicken enchiladas

Tuesday: Pancakes. Because that's really the only option for the day before Lent starts.

Wednesday: Some of pot roast, most likely in the crockpot. We've had this in our place twice in the past month but we keep forgetting to take the roast out the freezer until way late the day we planned to cook it. Oops. Here's hoping we remember this time!

Thursday: Carrot soup.

Friday: Peanut quinoa bowls with baked tofu. While we always try to eat at least one meatless meal a week, Fridays during Lent will be meatless for Lee. So dinner, at least, is meatless for me too. I'll also be trying to make sure there's something meatless for him to take in his lunch on Fridays.

Saturday: Tomato-cilantro chicken, which I feel calls for homemade naan. I might also make chana masala because I haven't had chana masala in a long time and it's my favourite.

Sunday: Roast chicken dinner.

What are you cooking this week?