Meal Plan Monday March 24

I fell of the meal planning wagon. Hard. It happens a couple of times of year. Lee had a bunch of business trips in back-to-back weeks and I was home alone. And my laptop had to go to the Mac hospital to get a new keyboard. Then I caught a wicked winter funk because OMG this winter will not end. I really didn't care about anything because I was miserable and cold and tired of being miserable and cold.

Basically, it was March.

It reminded me how much better things work when I do meal plan. We ate too much take-out the last couple of weeks. Or grocery store take-home meals. That's not to say I didn't cook at all. I roasted a chicken and I tossed together meals using what we had on hand. It just wasn't planned and it was stressful and not particularly healthy.

I'm still bitter about winter but I can be bitter and eat well, right? Except I didn't plan before grocery shopping this week so that was a kind of #fail.

Meal Plan March 24 |

Monday: H'Mac. It was supposed to be sloppy joes but we discovered we don't have any ground chicken and I didn't really want beef sloppy joes and sloppy joes would have required a trip to the grocery store because we didn't meal plan before shopping this week. H'Mac is just easier.

Tuesday: Pork stir fry and jasmine rice. Except we really don't have all the vegetables to make this on hand (are you sensing a theme?) so the recipe is going to serve as inspiration. Actually, I'm not sure we have jasmine rice either. If we don't have have quinoa. Or something.

Wednesday: Freezer meal. Which is a fancy (or not) way of saying I have no idea what we are having for dinner so I'm to scrounge around in the freezer and find something to turn into a meal.

Thursday: Leftovers. I hope.

Friday: Scallops and orzo. It's ballet night so dinner needs to be quick and easy and I just can't face another take-out vegetarian pizza.

Saturday: Take-out? I think. Maybe. Lee's not going to be home so I'm on my own. I might grab some stuff at the grocery store and do some "assembling" but I'm on strike and not cooking.

Sunday: Crispy skillet chicken with bruschetta pasta. This feels spring/summery to me but doesn't actually require fresh summer veg. We have access to good hot-house grape and cherry tomatoes.

I also watched Frozen for the first time on Friday. Do you want to build a snowman? BECAUSE I STILL HAVE ALL THE SNOW.