Meal Plan Monday February 17

After years of talking about it, this year Lee and I booked a trip in the middle of the winter -- a resort trip. It was a trip designed to maximize sitting on our butts on the beach. That was all we really wanted to do and whoa boy, did we excel at that. It was fabulous. We went through almost four full containers of sunscreen (no sunburn for me!) but my freckles have still multiplied like mad. I was warm. In the middle of winter. While the southern United States was blanketed in ice. Everything is topsy-turvy this year.

One of the things that slightly concerned us before we went was the food. Lee's done resort vacations before so he knew what to expect. I just knew what I'd heard and what I'd heard wasn't fabulous. The food was actually ok, though seriously lacking in flavour. Unless you consider salt a flavour. Our first night home we had a comfort meal of hamburger macaroni -- or H'Mac as we've started calling it -- to set us to rights and then proceeded to make all the flavours.

First there were sweet potato and black bean quesadillas. The recipe calls for pumpkin but we had sweet potatoes and I didn't want to figure out what to do with the rest of the can of pumpkin. (If you do use canned pumpkin this is totally a fast weeknight dish.) Sunday night we made lentil and chickpea curry. I was feeling fancy (and I didn't cook for a whole week) so I also made homemade butterscotch pudding (which turned out even though I accidentally put in too much sugar) and individual lemon pudding cakes. ALL THE FLAVOURS. OF EVERYTHING. *ahem*

Meal Plan Monday February 17 |

Monday: Hoisin pork with rice noodles.

Tuesday: Holy yum chicken with roasted potatoes. This is a new-to-us recipe so I have no idea if it's holy yum or not. It sounds like it should be and if it is I'll so be sending this on to a few friends. I suspect it could also end up making my "meals to make for friends" list.

Wednesday: Porcupine meatballs and salad. Can something be comfort food even if you've never had it? I grew up with meatballs but not these ones.

Thursday: Pasta. It's just me at home and pasta sounds easy. I figure by Thursday I might be sick of cooking again. Maybe.

Friday: Homemade pizza! It's been awhile. Whenever we put homemade pizza on our meal plan it keeps getting bumped.

Saturday: Dinner out!

Sunday: Chile verde. I haven't made this in awhile and it's yummy. Maybe I'll make tortillas to go with it. Or maybe rice. (Maybe both?) Maybe I'll get fancy and make jicama salad too.

When you haven't had a home-cooked meal in a week, what do you crave?