Meal Plan Monday December 22: The Christmas Edition

I can't believe Christmas is this week. Wasn't it just December 1? Heck, wasn't it just September? This year seems to have flown by.

I think we're ready for Christmas. We still have a few gifts to wrap but we finished shopping awhile ago (thank goodness). I have one gift to finish making. We have to clean. I should probably change my chalkboard wall since it's still sporting some summer chalkboard art. We have a plan for Christmas dinner. We have a plan for the whole week.

Meal Plan Monday December 22 |

Sunday: Beef fajitas. Mostly made because we had a bunch of bell peppers in the fridge to use and Lee had been to the Lone Star recently and that always makes me think of fajitas.

Monday: H'Mac but instead of macaroni we're going to use mini ravioli. (Yes, we're essentially making our own Chef Boyardee.)

Tuesday: Clean out everything from the fridge that is not needed for Christmas. Eat all the things! If by some chance we don't have leftovers, maybe we'll order in. Or we have a bunch of frozen appetizers in the freezer. We could always make those.

Wednesday: Tourtiere. We usually do Chinese take-out but it's just Lee and I this year and we already have a tourtiere in the freezer.

Thursday: Christmas dinner! We cook a turkey. (I'll actually start making the sides on Wednesday.)

Friday: A second Christmas dinner! Thankfully I don't cook this one. (It's also turkey.)

Saturday: Leftovers. Sometimes we make a casserole by layering the leftovers and baking it. I'm considering stuffing waffles but I doubt we'll have enough stuffing leftover to make them. I might just have to make Melissa's savoury potato dressing at some point to do that because that sounds like a pretty much perfect dish to waffle-ize.

[An aside: we stuff our turkey but we always make extra and cook it on the side. I'm seriously considering cooking the extra stuffing in the slow cooker. That link contains suggestions for converting your stuffing recipe to a slow cooker but I can guarantee you it will be a cold day in hell before I add eggs to my stuffing.]

The one thing we haven't completely figured out yet? Christmas breakfast. It always stumps me. We didn't really do Christmas breakfast at my house growing up. We had our turkey vaguely around lunch (more often a rather late lunch). We mostly just nibbled at the chocolate in our stocking for "breakfast" but now that we eat turkey at dinner time (erm... early-ish dinner) breakfast is a must. Breakfast is my least favourite meal of the day in general and that just makes Christmas dinner extra hard.

What do you make for Christmas breakfast?