Meal Plan Monday December 15

This week's meal plan was brought to you by Lee. It's his birthday this week. He gets to choose all the things. You may join me in my surprise that this does not contain tacos. On any given week if I ask him what he wants, he will say tacos. (He really wants pizza but it's in the plan most weeks anyway.)

Meal Plan December 15 |

Sunday: Lee's favourite pasta sauce with Nicastro's garlic bread. The bread contains actual pieces of garlic and we could eat a loaf of it all on its own.

Monday: Chicken enchiladas.

Tuesday: Pizza. It's Lee's traditional birthday meal. (Erm... except that year he was sick and went to bed without eating on his birthday. That was weird.) This year it will be a pepperoni, mushroom, and bacon pizza.

Wednesday: Dinner out.

Thursday: It's just me at home. I'm hoping to have leftovers.

Friday: Chicken korma.

Saturday: Dinner out before the Vinyl Cafe Christmas Concert.

Extras: I made Lee banana fudge for his birthday. He's also requested chocolate-covered peanut butter balls. And I need to make Chex Mix. Do I also want to make cinnamon rolls? Hmmmm....