Meal Plan Monday November 3

We fell of the meal plan wagon and we fell hard. We kept making efforts and not following through. There has been a lot of wondering what we have and what we could make quickly around here. We actually did make things more often than not but we fell into a food slump and as a result I'm sick of everything.

So I pulled out a cookbook and found something new to try this week (Monday). I added in something we hadn't cooking in awhile (Wednesday). I put in one meal Lee needs to make (Saturday). Re-instituted pizza night (Friday). A night or two we can punt around as needed (Tuesday and Thursday). We're trying to get our freezers down to more manageable levels so nights use freezer leftovers (Tuesday and Saturday). And we're having fish on Sunday because I want fish.

Meal Plan Monday 1.jpeg

We're moving from a Monday-Sunday to a Sunday-Saturday plan. It works a bit better for us right now.

Sunday: Fish en papillote with couscous (couscous from this recipe).

Monday: Mujaddara from One Pan, Two Plates.

Tuesday: Pulled pork tacos.

Wednesday: Janssen's Thai green curry meatballs. (My notes from the last time I made this said they were great but missing something so I'm going to try throwing some basil into the sauce.)

Thursday: Pasta with sun dried tomato pesto.

Friday: Homemade pizza.

Saturday: Turkey pot pie.

I am hoping this will put us back on track because this flying by the seat of our pants thing isn't really working for me.