Meal Plan Monday January 6

Things are finally starting to feel like they are back to normal after the holidays. Lee's back to work. My coworkers have returned. My to do list today is pretty normal. It feels good.

The weather is not so good. Last week it was really darned cold. Today everything has been turned into a skating rink. This is probably my fault because I've really been wanting to go for a walk on the trail and Mother Nature is testing how badly I really want to do that. Hint: She's winning. And I'm losing because no walking means I've been using the exercise bike and it's not my favourite thing. It is, however, easy to squeeze into my day and I do appreciate that. I just don't understand why the world has yet to create a comfortable bike seat.

Meal Plan January 6 |

Monday: General Tso's tofu. I knew Lee liked this but I didn't realize how much he liked it until he was attempting to convince an anti-tofu friend that tofu really can be good by citing this recipe. (Friend remains unconvinced but they also have not tried this recipe.) We really, really do recommend the broccoli with this.

Tuesday: Baked round steak in BBQ sauce. My grandmother used to make something similar. Apparently I'm feeling nostalgic. I will, however, be scaling this down. Lee and I do not need to eat 5 lbs of anything. I think I might serve this in sandwiches with a salad on the side. Or maybe with quinoa.

Wednesday: Chicken sloppy joes and baked potatoes.

Thursday: Spicy peanut noodles. Or leftovers. It depends on if there actually are leftovers and how lazy I'm feeling.

Friday: Homemade pizza.

Saturday: Smothered sweet pork burritos. We'll have leftovers for lunch on Monday.

Sunday: Oven-baked BBQ chicken leg quarters. This is probably our favourite way to make chicken leg quarters. I once made extra and Lee took it in his lunch. One of his former coworkers refused to believe we made them it home. Chicken quarters that look like these apparently must be restaurant leftovers. Joke's on former coworker because these are so very, very easy.

What are you cooking this week?