Meal Plan Monday January 27

I am tired of cold weather food. I am tired hearty food that makes me feel warm. I'm tired of all things roasted and braised. I'm dreaming of the fresh vegetables of summers. I wanted summer barbecue food. I am dreaming of gazpacho. I'm not having it... at least not right now. That time will come soon enough. I know that. I'm just in the midst of a good case of winter blahs.

It does make meal planning seem decidedly unexciting. It's feeling a bit like a chore this month. We're trying hard to use food we have in the house right now. Our grocery lists are small, but we're allowing ourselves to buy all the fruits and vegetables that look interesting and we think we can legitimately eat in a week.

Meal Plan January 27 |

Monday: Roasted butternut squash & balsamic sauce on pasta. We're making a half recipe of this to use up the last of the butternut squash in the freezer.

Tuesday: Indonesian satay chicken and rice. Totally cheating and using sauce from a jar.

Wednesday: Pork schnitzel.

Thursday: Burrito bowl.

Friday: Pizza take-out. It's ballet night! If we are table to leave early enough maybe we'll have time for dessert at Le Cafe. Probably not. We rarely do. Ever now and then we go there for dinner before the show but it's hard to work into our schedules.

Saturday: Pepperoncini beef because Lee's being asking for it.

Sunday: Nachos! Lee is going to a friend's place to watch Super Bowl so I'm treating myself to nachos for dinner. Hmm or maybe 7 layer dip.

What are you cooking this week?