Currently: September 8

Time: 12:20pm

Place: My living room.

Eating: Nothing. But eating isn't a bad idea. There are some bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers in the fridge with my name on them.

Drinking: Water, but I believe there's some mango lassi tea in my future.

Reading: The autumn edition of Food & Drink

Watching: I haven't decided yet. Do I want to rewatch the second season of Sherlock? Watch a movie on Netflix that Lee has absolutely no interest in watching? Pop in one of my library DVDs? I have too many choices. (Lee will be watching football... at a friend's house. Yay!)

Listening: Right now I'm loving the quiet but when I get off my butt and start cleaning again I'm thinking it'll be time for some showtunes.

Blogging: Not much. As usual.

Hating: Being parted from my MacBook Pro but it has to spend a little bit of time at the Apple mothership and get a logic board replaced. Thank goodness for warranties!

Loving: That while it is slow and a little bit cranky I can still work (and blog) on my old little 13-inch MacBook. I just have to be careful that I don't accidentally disconnect the cord because the battery doesn't work anymore and i can't be bother to replace it. I also love that due to our decision to eat out of the pantry this month, our weekly grocery bill was just under half of what it was all summer. And that included buying bird seed (which the birds will see very little of because the deer are greedy.)

Avoiding: The 3-5 lbs of Roma tomatoes sitting on the kitchen counter. I really need to do something with them.

Missing: The time before seasonal allergies owned me. My left eye was so bad yesterday I was starting to worry I'd caught pink eye.

Anticipating: #sassymavencoffeedate. Running. I didn't run this past week and OMG I need to run.