Ruthless Weeding

It seems we keep gathering more STUFF. I'm not really sure how it happens. It sneaks up on us. We don't need all of these things. It's been bothering me and since I know I'm probably the prime culprit when it comes to all of this, I'm waging war on clutter.

I weeded my bookshelves. When we moved in not quite three years ago, we had space on our bookshelves. They quickly got fuller and fuller. We started an overflow stack. And then another overflow stack. The books had multiplied like gremlins that someone spilled water on.

I weed rather regularly but I was serious about it this time. Did I really want to read this book? Or was it there because someone gave it to me? My tastes have changed a lot in the last eight years of book blogging. I really, really didn't need most of those boots. I didn't have to keep all those review copies I had never requested. Not every book is a precious object. I pulled stacks and stacks of books off my shelves. I was ruthless. When Lee got home he did the same with his books.

In the end, we had enough in the piles on the floor to have hosted our own book sale. We didn't. Our stacks are slowly making their way to the library as donations, a few bags at a time. They'll find new homes and they library will get a bit of money. It's a win for everyone.

I still have a very healthy to be read pile. It's just no longer an unsurmountable mountain. The best part is I know the pile contains books I really want to read. And once again there are spaces on the shelves and we have room to grow.

I feel lighter - like I can breathe without worrying about a mountain of books falling on top me.