Meal Plan September 30

I can't believe tomorrow is October. October! Even more, I can't believe that for the first time in many years I don't have a crazy schedule for October. I'm not travelling. I'm not attending any conferences. We have no visitors coming. The last few years October has been packed to the gills but this year I can just sit and relax. Have one last morning coffee on the deck before winter. Go leaf-peeping and then come home to rake leaves. Maybe I'll even plant some fall bulbs like I always say I will. I have a good feeling about October 2013.

Last week was Lee's first time trying spaghetti squash. He's uncertain. He's not a huge fan of squash (though I think I've managed to make him like butternut squash) and I'll be the first to admit that I added a bit too much liquid to the recipe, which made the squash wet. Wet squash is not wonderful squash. I think if I keep making it, he'll eventually like it. Kind of like sweet potatoes. He was not a fan but it turns out he just needs them to be savoury. I get bonus points if it's a spicy dish. I figure if I use that same approach with squash he'll eventually like it. Right?

I have most of our meals for the month mapped out. I used to find planning for a week hard but now part of me is really enjoying planning out a month ahead. It just makes the weekends so much easier when I don't have to sit at my computer and figure out we need to do. I still have lots of blanks in the latter half of the month but I'll get there. Here's what's cooking this week: Meal Plan September 30


Monday: Owlhaven's chicken pot pie. Biscuit crust! Hurrah!

Tuesday: Pork chops and honey mustard roasted potatoes.

Wednesday: Sweet potato and black bean burritos. The recipe calls for pumpkin but we have sweet potatoes and it's a really easy substitute. The pumpkin is really good (really, try it but just make sure you use canned pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling) but the sweet potatoes have been hanging around in my pantry for awhile now and need to be used.

Thursday: Pierogi night! Possibly with this sun-dried tomato sauce that Jenna liked so much.

Friday: Crockpot General Tso's chicken, homemade (not by me) spring rolls, rice, and broccoli. Basically it's make your own take-out night.

Saturday: Donairs, Maritime-style.

Sunday: Lobster mac 'n cheese. I almost went with an Ina Garten recipe but then I came to my senses. That much Gruyere would be crazy expensive here and while we did get the lobster for free spending $20+ on cheese for one dish made me cringe. Also, 6 cups is a heck of a lot of cheese. I'm sure it's fabulous as heck but we'll stick to the more modest amount of mixed cheeses in Emeril's recipe. I'm totally skipping his cajun seasoning though and just using cayenne pepper.

We will also be having arugula with everything because we um have a lot of it in the fridge. Oops! (Maybe I should try making an arugula green smoothie?)

What are you cooking this week?