Meal Plan September 3

Lee was right. We have OMG SO MUCH FOOD in our house. Seriously, it's a ridiculous amount considering there are only two of us. Our freezer is really, really full. We've been going an okay job at pulling things out of it over the last week but we've decided that September is going to be the month of Using All The Things. Aside from fresh produce and the few staples we'll need to resupply here and there (we did discover we are out of a few things, such as cans of tomato paste) we shouldn't be doing a lot of grocery shopping this month. That's probably a good thing since our last few grocery bills have been abnormally high.

(Of course, when we went to the grocery store we promptly bought a 25lb box of tomatoes. So I am making all of the tomato-y things.)

I've outlined our meal plan for a month. Yes, a month. No, it will not stay as is. We almost always change one thing on a weekly basis since we make plans with friends, or something gets shuffled or we really, really want take out. I expect there will be several things this month that get bumped because schedules changes. Life happens.

This is what the first week of September looks like.

Tuesday: Lobster rolls. Because my mother is awesome and sent me home with three containers of frozen lobster. Woo! (We actually were supposed to have this on Labour Day but we didn't take it out of the freezer early enough and it was still a frozen brick.)

Wednesday: Just me at home. Maybe pierogies. Or quesadillas.

Thursday: Beef stew. We found some in the freezer. With… something. Cornbread muffins? Biscuits? Egg noodles? Something.

Friday: Pizza. Or subs.

Saturday: Pork dumplings and salad.

Sunday: Braised beef ribs and grits.

What are you cooking this week?