Meal Plan September 16

September is kicking. my. butt. I've has seasonal headache (often migraines, but not always) since I was 17. Some years they are bad, other years they are not. I went though four or five years without things bothering me at all, but this year? Whoa. I am finding myself suddenly hating September. It doesn't help that in addition to a string of really bad headaches (thankfully not migraines), I've fallen victim to full-blown seasonal allergies. I can go from fine to wanting to claw my itchy eyes out in about five minutes. SO MUCH FUN! I've spent the last week wishing I could go to bed at 8:30, which unfortunately I was unable to do.

One of the things I've been doing this past week while staring bleary-eyed at my computer is downloading all the fonts. Ok, maybe not all the fonts but I downloaded a heck of a lot of them. At least, it was a lot for me. Fonts = fun. But then I had to ask myself what on earth I was going to do with all these fonts. I mean, it's not like I make graphics or am very good at any of that stuff. But they are so pretty!

So, I made a menu board for my meal plan. Will I keep this up? Hmm… maybe. We'll see. I'm still typing up the meal plan, because I have to do that anyway (it's where I start) but I also need to have the links at hand. Links are important! Some nights I'm busy (or lazy) and Lee makes dinner. It's so much easier when I can just tell him the recipe link is on my blog. Ha!


Monday: Spicy bean burritos and a green salad.

Tuesday: Spicy peanut pork loin, which has now been on the menu three times and we still have not made it because we keep forgetting to take the pork loin out of the freezer. It's Sunday night roast chicken all over again. I have no idea what we are going to eat with this. Maybe a sweet potato something or other.

Wednesday: Flank steak and potatoes. If they weather cooperates we'll grill everything.

Thursday: Anything goes night. Probably leftovers. If there are leftovers. Or pierogies.

Friday: Pizza night!

Saturday: Pasta with meat sauce. Lee loves this meat sauce and I think he would eat a bowl of it without any pasta if I let him. As it is, his ratio of pasta to sauce is rather shocking.

Sunday: Fajita bowls inspired by this recipe at Fuss Free Cooking. I'm skipping the fajita seasoning and marinating it in a sauce we found when we cleaned out the pantry a couple of weeks ago. And we're having a quinoa rice blend rather than rice. 

We went to Mountain Orchards on Sunday and stocked up on honeycrisp apples (mmmmmm) so I'll also be canning some applesauce. (I considered apple butter but I think we're more likely to use applesauce.) If Lee's really nice to me I might make him an apple crisp.

What are you cooking this week?