Currently, September 15

Time: 9:48am 

Location: The living room. (I'm here a lot.) 

Drinking: Coffee. 

Eating: Nothing. And I have no idea what we're having for dinner because we forgot to take the pork loin out of the freezer. (We um kind of fail at weekends.)

Reading: A little bit of bunch of books. Nothing is really pulling me in. 

Watching: Well, The Reporters is on. After that, I'm hoping it's NOT all football all day. If it is I'm going to go somewhere and hide with the iPad and Netflix. 

Listening: To the fake cat make noises at the birds through the window. I suspect they vaguely translate to, "I want to eat you." 

Blogging: I write lots of blog posts in my head when I'm trying to fall asleep. Or when I'm on a run or a walk. But I rarely write them. 

Loving: Sleep. I love it so much I want more of it. 

Avoiding: My computer as much as possible. My wrist is not happy with how much I've been on it lately. 

Missing: Going more than a day or two without a seasonal headache. Every year I am reminded that I really dislike September. 

Anticipating: Sleep. I'm really tired.