Currently, Sunday August 4

Time // 12:15pm.

Place // My kitchen table.

Consuming // Water. 

Reading // Not much of anything besides cookbooks and blogs. 

Listening// To songza, as usual. 

Watching // We just finished rewatching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip because we watched The Newsroom last month and it made Lee nostalgic for all things Sorkin. 

Enjoying// A Sunday at home. 

Anticipating// Our next vacation. 

Concluding // Apparently I've concluded that today is get stuff done day. We're cleaning, cooking and doing all the things around the house that haven't been done because we were on vacation and have another one coming up soon. And I'm really, really hoping Lee cuts the grass because it's a bit jungle-esque out there. (Though not as bad as our neighbour's yard which I think has been cut maybe once all year. It's a wild kingdom over there.)