I Ran Another Thing

I signed up for the Color Run because colour is fun. (They are an American company. They drop the "u" in colour. It annoys me.) And because I had the chance to run with someone and I rarely run with other people. It's fun! I should do that more often. 


The Color Run - before.

And after: 

And after. #colorrun

I'm really glad I did the Color Run because it was fun but… I'm not sure I'd do it again. It's a bit too much about having a (forced) party and that's not really my thing. I want to show up, run, and get the heck out of there. I do not want to wait in the start zone for close to an hour while someone tries to get me to party because ZOMG STUCK IN A CROWD. I don't like being stuck in a crowd. And well, there were other little things that irked. It wasn't the best organized run in general. 
But I went, got doused in colour (there was more than it looks in the second picture, my legs were pink!), had a pretty good run and I'm glad I did it even if I probably won't do it again.
Onto the next run!