Monday Meal Plan August 26

After my weekend I need another weekend. I am TIRED. Next weekend there will be more sitting, less running around doing all the things. But then next weekend is traditionally the last real weekend of summer so I should probably go out and do all those last summer things, shouldn't I?

Except Lee -- who admittedly was just a tad cranky thanks to a spectacularly bad weekend-long allergy attack -- maybe complained about how we have OMG SO MUCH FOOD IN THIS HOUSE. So next weekend we should probably do an inventory of all the things and *gulp* maybe attempt a multi-week meal plan with the intent of clearing out room in the fridge and pantry. (And um… maybe our secondary pantry too…) This would be a good thing since I got hit with an unexpected (and rather large) bill right when we got back from vacation. In the words of Lady Russell, we must retrench. (Oh, and our bathroom continues to fall apart. SO MUCH FUN.)

For the next few weeks you'll see us pull a whole lot of stuff from the freezer and pantry. Which isn't all that different from what we do now, we'll just be trying to add fewer things back into the freezer and pantry at the same time. Use and don't replace right away… that is hard for me to do.

But this is what we've having this week.

Monday: Gazpacho (I kind of mesh together recipes from Pioneer Woman and Simply Recipes.) We have a couple of loaves of garlic bread and potato-scallion bread in the freezer. I'll pull one out and grill it up to go with this. Or rather probably broil it because the sky is not looking very nice for grilling. 

Tuesday: Clean out the fridge day. Because OMG the fridge is overflowing.

Wednesday: One pot pasta (since we didn't get to make it last week).

Thursday: Whatever I'm in the mood for since it's just me at home. Maybe leftovers. Maybe I'll make something just for me.

Friday: Pizza, which we didn't have last week and it made Lee sad.

Saturday: Chicken wings. I'm assuming we'll do the usual sweet and sticky wings but Lee might have other ideas.

Sunday: Slow cooker pork sirloin roast with spicy peanut sauce. I've been wanting to try this recipe for a long time and it always gives me a happy to make one of Kalyn's recipes.

I'll also be making some tomatillo salsa since we went to the farmers market on the weekend. I think I may also make something sweet. I didn't make dessert on Sunday night because I was all kinds of tired. Maybe I'll make cookies. I haven't made cookies in a long, long time.

What are you cooking this week?