A Different Kind of Quiet

Since I work from home I spent a heck of a lot of hours in my house. I give myself a change of scene by bouncing between my office, the kitchen, the living room, and the deck (at least in the summer) while I work. I love working from home but there are days when the walls seem to be closing in on me. Since Lee often doesn't get home until late on Thursdays, it most often happens then. 

I think because I spent last week with ALL THE PEOPLE, the silence yesterday was especially deafening. It didn't feel peaceful, it felt positively lonely. 

I put my running shoes, knowing that I probably wouldn't really run since I was still recovering from whatever bug I caught while I was on vacation, and hit the trail. I decided that I need to shake myself out of all my routines and since this was more of walk than a run it was great time to do it. I took a walk by the pond to see if I could see the resident turtle or heron and struck out on both fronts. 

Then I turned off and headed down the sidewalk to the trail I rarely take these days. It's a lovely trail but on its own it's too short and I really, really hate running on the sidewalk when I have nice dirt and gravel trails readily available. The short trail runs straight by the stream and I was reminded why I like it so much even though I rarely use it. 

Ferns and water make for a nice evening walk.

The woods are quiet but it's a different kind of quiet than I experience in my house. It's a loud quiet. The stream demands that you stop and listen to it. The ferns rustle when you walk next to them. After the rain the woods feel close and full of secrets. The rain clings to the tree leaves. 

Sometimes you just need a change of scene -- a different kind of quiet -- to get out of your own damned head.