Meal Plan Monday August 19

Home again home again, jiggity jig. Our summer travelling is done, which means it's time to get back on the meal planning wagon. We often did meal plan leading into travel and between travel weeks but they were never written in stone (not that our plans ever are). There was a lot of trying to figure out how to clean out the fridge. But our beach days are behind us so now it's all about filling up the fridge. We certainly did a good job of filling up the freezer. It's full again (as you may have noticed, that's a common issue in our house).

I'm going to miss the beach (A LOT) but it's also nice to be home again. Having a rather lackadaisical approach to meal planning this summer was nice but it also reminded us how very much we like having a real meal plan. Eating out so much on vacation also reminded us how it's fun to eat out every now and then but we really much prefer to eat at home (not to mention how very much more inexpensive it is to do so).

This is how our week is looking. It will probably change. It usually does.

Sunday: Grilled pork chops and sweet potato salad. I also brought back Sunday night desserts and we had mango coconut rice pudding. (Somehow I made the rice pudding way too thick and my mango wasn't quite ripe. It was kind of a #fail but mostly my fault, I think.)

Monday: Basil beef because the basil exploded while we were gone last week. (I'm using a little bit of a bunch of recipes -- see here, here and here.)

Tuesday: Honey dijon grilled chicken thighs with parmesan squash and zucchini bake.

Wednesday: General Tso's tofu.

Thursday: Leftovers. Or nachos. Or maybe shrimp. It's going to be just me at home so really whatever I feel like eating is what I'll have.

Friday: Pizza… or pizza subs. But probably pizza.

Saturday: One-pot basil pasta. Or gazpacho, because I just realized this is gazpacho season.

Sunday: Dr. Pepper ribs, homemade baked beans, and onion rolls.


Marinated mushrooms because they sounded really good. I may also made homemade bread. Or maybe biscuits. I also told Lee I'd make him some mini ravioli and sauce for his lunch so I need to figure out what day he needs that. If I had room in my freezer (hahahaha) I would like to make a big batch of pasta sauce but I don't think that's going to happen.