Sunday Thoughts

Things that are awesome about vacation: 

  • Family and friends.
  • Evening gin and tonics.
  • Beaches. All the beaches. 
  • All the seafood.
  • Throwing our bathing suits and a change of clothes in the car and just going wherever the wind takes us.
  • Not feeling like we have to cook but knowing we can if we want. 
  • Did I mention the beaches? 
  • Cow's ice-cream.

Things that are awesome about being home: 

  • The fake cat. 
  • Our bed, which is not as hard as a rock. 
  • Our pillows, which are not as flat as pancakes. 
  • Our shower, which has water pressure. 
  • Our coffee maker, which only takes 6 mintues to brew a full pot instead of 20. 
  • My kitchen, with a special shout out to my not dull knives. 
  • The fact that I will not need to drive anywhere other than the grocery store today. 

I will miss the beaches though. Sigh.