Hallway Chalkboard Wall

I don't seem to be capable of taking a few days off without painting something. The last time I took days off we did the dining room. This time it was the hallway wall. I've been debating painting it with chalkboard paint for the last six months. I finally decided that the worst thing would happen is that I'd paint it and hate it and have to paint over it. No big, really. It's just paint.

We grabbed the chalkboard paint on Saturday and I did two coats on Sunday.

After the first coat I took three photos. They are all crooked. Oops. 

I wasn't really sure what it would be like to have a black wall in the hallway -- even though I actually like black walls -- but I like it. 

And then I had to wait THREE WHOLE DAYS before I could write on it. When you finally are able to write it on it is recommended that you take a piece of white chalk and cover the whole space. I grabbed a piece of sidewalk chalk and went at it. Chalk is dusty and I totally ended up vacuuming the baseboards after I did this.

Again, my photos are crooked. 

After that you have to wipe it all off and let me tell you that after cleaning this whole wall I understand why teachers used to use cleaning the chalkboard as a form of punishment. Also, even though the instructions say you can use paper towels, I don't recommend it. They'll shred. Use a non-linting damp rag or if you are Canadian, a damp J-Cloth. ;) 

After you clean it off or at least get it as clean as you can without it making you twitch, you can (FINALLY) write on it. 

This photo was actually taken on Wednesday. I am bad at days this week. Long weekends will do that.

What are we going to use it for? Meal plans. Menus. Grocery lists. Silly notes to each other. Tic tac toe. I'm thinking there will be a Christmas advent calendar thingy. Vacation countdowns. To do lists. Doodles. And more silly notes to each other. 

Have you painted anything with chalkboard paint?