Monday Meal Plan, June 3

A few years ago we had this summer where the weather would be fabulous and warm during the work week. You'd stare out your window and wish you were not working. Then the weekend would roll around and it would rain. Sometimes there would be rain AND thunderstorms. Bonus! That seems to be how weekends are happening right now. I'm tired of rain. Really tired of it. I keep reminding myself that it's probably really good for the local farmers but surely they wouldn't mind if the rain fell a bit more during the week and a bit less on the weekends, right?

So, we've been entertaining ourselves mostly indoors on the weekends. We've hit the large Asian grocery store we only go to a few times a year last weekend. This weekend we hit an Indian grocery store because I was low and/or out of some supplies. We stopped a few other places and hey, more shopping! I bought a new water canner. My old water canner is okay (and I'll still use it for small batch canning) but it wasn't quite tall enough for doing larger jars so I found it kind of limiting. Since I've been snatching up canning cookbooks over the last few years, I wanna can! I'm looking forward to a summer with lots of canning though I expect Lee to roll his eyes when I tell him we need to buy more mason jars and lids. Again. He is always happy about what gets put inside the jars so his eyerolling will merely be an act.

This is what we'll be eating this week. We think.

Monday: Fajitas and taco night rice - carried over from last week because we decided it was too hot to cook on Friday and had sandwiches.

Tuesday: Something grilled and pesto pasta salad.

Wednesday: Indian night! Biriyani and aloo tikki. Note to self: Make the aloo tikki patties early in the day so you just have to fry them. Because that would be smart. I also picked up a Bhel Puri and Paapri Chaat kits and if we're really hungry I may make one of those. (I like Indian snacky street food, I've just never been really sure how to make it on my own. Hence the kits.)

Thursday: Leftovers. I need to cook a chicken in crockpot for Friday enchiladas.

Friday: Chicken enchiladas - maybe these creamy chicken enchiladas. Maybe just something I bing together.

Saturday: We're not sure yet. We usually end up bumping something during the week so I don't mind leaving a hole in the schedule. I could always try this one pot pasta meal.

Sunday: Probably chicken burgers with peanut sauce.


We made comeback sauce as it seemed to me something that would be good during bbq season. The ice cream attachment for the Kitchen-Aid in the freezer so we'll be whipping up some Dr. Pepper ice cream. (If you don't like Dr. Pepper you can substitute the pop of your choice. I'm thinking I'll be make some orange soon.)

What are you cooking this week?