Meal Plan Monday June 17

Just like anyone else I can be particular about certain things, but overall I'm really pretty easy to please. Give me a summer office? I'm thrilled. Give me a hammock chair? Even better. I spent as much time as possible in the hammock chair after we put it up on Saturday. I'd have done the same thing on Sunday except rain got in the way.

Have you ever had one of those trips to the grocery store where you think, "Hey, this list is pretty much all vegetables? This should be a fast and cheap run!" That's what I thought this week. Then we tossed this in the cart. And two of those. And a bunch more birdseed because the deer eat it all. The next thing we knew it was the most expensive grocery store trip we'd had in several months. Oops? But we have good eats lined up for this week so we're kinda okay with that.

Monday: Shrimp and grits.

Tuesday: Barbecue baked black-eyed peas (I'm pretty sure we have black-eyed peas... if not we definitely have navy beans) and corn bread.

Wednesday: Grilled pork chops and sweet potato salad.

Thursday: Just me at home. Leftovers? Something from the freezer?

Friday: Grilled chicken burgers with peanut sauce and coleslaw.

Saturday: Donairs and whatever salady things we still have kicking around.

Sunday: Grilled bread with mint pea dip and sweet chili chicken thighs.

Extras: We made baked eggrolls on Sunday. It was our first time making them. They were a bit more spring roll-y than eggroll-y but I think that was the filling. And I really needed to have rolled them a teeny bit tighter but overall they were a success. And way faster to assemble than dumplings. I still need to make more granola since I didn't get around to that last week. I think I'm going to make more energy bites as well.

What are you cooking this week?